About Us

About Us

We are proved to introduce our self as a leading Business Traders in Perambur circle and as well as surrounding areas covering 50 kms from our shop namely Pandian Stores. We started our business as a sole proprietor in the year 1960 having 10 employees in 2000 Sq.ft. in Market street, perambur Chennai-11. Currently 30k sq.ft. and 100 employees in our business place. mainly based on House hold utensils like, Eversilver vessels, Brass and Copper vessels, Aluminium & Hindalium vessels which are commonly used by consumer in their houses. In addition to the above plastic items, iron Woven , etc are also dealing in our shop.

In the year 1970 we expanded our floor area to the tune of 5000 Sq.ft. having materials explained above and other latest sophisticated Cookware like Pressure cooker, Pressure pan, Non- Stick Tawa, L P G Stoves. These are all branded having good quality and manufactured by Butterfly, T.T.K. Prestige & Premier Companies like leading manufacturer in these fields.In the year 1980 we increased our floor area to the tune of 7000 Sq.ft. and quantum of products based on quality to supply to consumer at the cheaper rate when compared to other dealers surrounded by us.

We Introduced verities of items in sizes, designs to procure heavy orders at once and prepared to sell any time, so turnover increased to the optimum level and more than that. Slowly we used to supply bulk orders during festival period and supply will be made for chit funds, small hotels, catering centers at higher level through which we developed business trade at top level, so we earned reputation, name for quality, confident in material prices from our customers. So, Automatically non- stop business is going on un interruptedly so far.

In the year 1990 we increased our floor area to 9000 sq.ft. based on the requirement of customer for spacious and varieties and at the same time customer will easily search where the products are available in our shop without any strain. We are supplying for functions like marriage, etc. All the Materials required by the customer will be available in one place that is in our shop and we arranging delivery of materials at customer place at free of cost according to their purchases.

In the year 2000 we increased our floor area to the tune of 10,000 sq.ft. and introduced to sell furniture items for homely needs, at low cost and no compromise materials. In the year 2007, we increased our floor area to the tune of 15,000 sq.ft. and started to sell provision and allotted separate super market namely Pandian supper market with full A/C. Our sales promotion increased enormously which encouraged us provided better quality of provision and other packed foods. We introduced to sell imported furniture items within two years. Almost all the items like cub board, Tables, Sofa sets, Beds & pillows, Dressing Tables, Dining Tables for house hold furniture as well as we are selling commercial items at cheaper rate.

We are tie up with Next company which is already reputed all over India. We are selling Fridges, Washing Machines, Coolers, Air Conditioners, TV sets and ovens like all makes of products in a separate places in the same Show room which is also fully Air conditioned.

We have main show room at door No: 99 A, Market street, as Pandian stores, Branches at door No: 61,as Pandian Supper Market, at door No: 60,as a Pandian Sweet Stall. We are running sweets, snacks etc, at door No: 58 & 59 in the name of Pandian Home Appliances and at door No: 148, paper Mills Road, Pandian Stores Furniture & IFB point. We also having tie up with IFB Company for their products to sell in our extended show room.

So our sales promotion increased day by day as well as turnover touches the equilibrium of 20 cores. Further we are planning to expand this Equilibrium to the higher level, so we are about to construct 12000 Sq.Ft. basement plus Three store yard building in very near future with car parking, two wheeler parking facilities and amenities according to latest and hygienic trend of requirement to our customers. So we seeking loan for 10 cores from leading banks. If we sanctioned the requirement of above loan, we will start our work at once.

Further we are filing sales tax in time and as well as income tax in time periodically. We have almost 75% paid stock in our show room , nearly 100 staffs are working in our esteemed concern out of which we are allowed to stay in our Guest house for 60 persons and provided food and shelter for them. Our shop starts at 9.30 AM in the morning and closing 10.30 PM in the night.

Generally lunch time would be for the staff between 1 to 2 PM and alternative time for lunch hour according to staff requirement. So our shop will open continuously for customer. We provided uniform for our staff; we are giving Bonus twice in a Year. There are trainees and Permanent staffs in our stores. For Permanent staff we are providing P.F. E.S.I. T.N.L.W.F., etc. We have almost all the Licenses & Insurances like Fire Insurance, Stock Insurance. Corporation License, Professional Taxes, Food License, etc., are renewing periodically for the benefit of our show room. We received so many Awards from leading Manufacturers like TTK,Butterfly,Premier, Ajantha Clock,etc.

These are the history of our development which shows to everyone as our profile please. Our profile will not stop herewith, this may be continued in future as non-stop improvement in doing our business trade for the forth coming period.